iOS 11 introduces ARKit, a new framework that allows you to easily create unparalleled augmented reality experiences for iPhone and iPad. By blending digital objects and information with the environment around you, ARKit takes apps beyond the screen, freeing them to interact with the real world in entirely new ways.

Mozenix are working with one of the UK’s largest retailers to deploy a customer facing ARKit app that has the potential to reach millions of existing iOS devices.

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Google ARCore

With ARCore,your business can shape brand new mobile app experiences that seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds, transforming the future of work and play at Android scale.

If you’re a business interested in developing ARCore apps that possess the ability to access hundreds of millions of existing Android devices, we’d love to hear from you.

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The Hololens

Microsoft HoloLens is the world’s first fully untethered holographic computer. HoloLens redefines personal computing through holographic experiences to empower you in new ways. HoloLens blends cutting-edge optics and sensors to deliver 3D holograms pinned to the real world around you.

The Mozenix development team are currently working with top UK companies to design and develop high performance prototypes and apps for MS Hololens (client references available on request). These applications are ideal for enterprise use case scenarios and internal process efficiency.

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Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses delivers a “hands free” digital world, providing unprecedented access to information, data collection and more. Improve existing workflows and open new opportunities in industrial, medical, retail, supply chain, remote help desk, and other aspects of your business.

The Vuzix HUD is an ideal platform for developing field worker efficiency apps and prototypes. Mozenix is working with one of the UK’s premier data centre companies to design and develop a proof-of-concept prototype for Vuzix.

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Epson Moverio

The Moverio BT-300 features Epson’s cutting edge silicon-based OLED (organic light emitting diode) digital display technology, making the device the lightest binocular see-through smart glasses on the market with an OLED display2, with never-before achieved image quality. Enjoy the ultimate in Augmented Reality thanks to its HD display, and its high contrast for a true see-through experience.

Similar to the Vuzix HUD, Epson Moverio is the ideal platform for process efficiency apps and prototypes, particularly for field worker and engineering use cases.

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Supremely intelligent, highly efficient, and ultra productive. A new era of workforce has arrived. DAQRI Smart Helmet® delivers real-time data based on the environment, direct to the user, enabling them to visualize and understand their world in ways never before imagined.

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Google Glass

Glass intuitively fits into your workflow and helps you remain engaged and focused on high value work by removing distractions. A quick ‘OK Glass’ can activate the right application for you at any time.
list. Glass can connect you with coworkers in an instant, bringing expertise to right where you are. Invite others to ‘see what you see’ through a live video stream so you can collaborate and troubleshoot in real-time.

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