If you’re a business or brand interested in driving process efficiency gains using the latest, most innovative technology available, there’s never been a better time to start. If you’re interested in the capabilities of the DAQRI headset and how it can be used in an industrial context to solve real-world commercial challenges, we’d love to hear from you. Here at Mozenix, we’re working with top UK clients to design and develop high performance apps and prototyping software for the DAQRI smart helmet.

Supremely intelligent, highly efficient, and ultra productive. A new era of workforce has arrived. DAQRI Smart Helmet® delivers real-time data based on the environment, direct to the user, enabling them to visualise and understand their world in ways never before imagined.


Daqri Use Case Discovery

For those who need help with developing compelling use cases for the Daqri as either part of a sales pitch or funding presentation, we will help come up with the best use cases for your chosen topic.

Daqri Use Case Exploration

For those who already have an idea in mind and are just needing that little extra push to research and develop the best possible use case and costing for the chosen topic.

Daqri Prototyping

Have an already developed use case? Here at Mozenix we can create a prototype to help convey that case into a working proof of concept.

“Founded in 2010, Daqri entered the market in February 2011 by releasing an augmented reality publishing platform designed to superimpose an image or video over a smartphone’s camera after scanning a QR code. Daqri subsequently created content and applications for 4D augmented reality technology for entertainment, education and industrial companies”

If you’re a business or brand thinking about developing a prototype or app for Daqri, contact Mozenix today to kick-start the conversation.